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Amelie Michel plays the Tulou copy in Anima Eterna orchestra (dir Joss Van Immersel)

Claire Soubeyran has settled her workshop near Paris.
Since 1979, she has been building traverso and flutes after historical  instruments of the baroque classic and romantic aera.
Her production includes traverso flutes from the early baroque three joint flutes up to the first Boehm system.

As a renown specialist in woodwind conservation she has been working for private and public collections (musée de la Musique in Paris, Smithsonian Institution in Washington, Metropolitan Museum in New York).

She is the maker for internationnal soloists and her flutes are played in numerous concerts and recordings (Les talents lyriques, L'orchestre des Champs Elysées, Les musiciens du Louvre, Les Arts Florissants, Concerto Köln, Stradivaria etc).

Claire Soubeyran likes to work in close collaboration with  the flutists and she constantly improves the quality of her flutes in order to match their expectations

She recieved, in 1994 the Musicora award for the creation of student  traverso and, in 1998, the Musicora and craftmanship ministry award for her re creation of a conical boehm system woodden flute.